Thursday, June 12, 2008


It's summer, and we all probably have some extra time on our hands. So, you might be searching for some new tea thrills! If so, I could have the perfect summer fun for you in the list below.
  1. Go tea shopping. If you have a local tea store, well, lucky you! If not, you could check at a health-food store like Whole Foods for a new brew, or jump in to the virtual world and head to TeaTrader or adagio teas. Note: I am not guaranteeing the validity or appropriateness of these sites, or that you will enjoy them. I just enjoy them myself and have not found them inappropriate. Sorry about the legalese!
  2. Research tea. Although "research" may remind you of a dusty library or your fifth-grade science teacher, you can actually find lots of really cool info on the World Wide Web! Just google "tea", "tea history", or anything else that interests you! Or you could look up "tea" in Wikipedia -- that site is full of factoids. If you find any particularly neat factoids, feel free to post it as a comment, along with the site you found it on. Note to kids: Be sure your parents have given you permission to go on the sites.
  3. Try your favorite tea iced. You could find a tasty summer treat! Try adding chunks of chilled fruit for a possible vernal delight to offset the dusty heat.
  4. Try a specialty tea. You might want to sample boba tea, which puts bubbles of tapioca in your glass, or blossom (flower) tea, which, when you drop in a "bud", opens out into a really neat flower! Or so they say.

Enjoy your summer!

Happy sipping,


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